Saflok Customers Speak

quotations We are extremely satisfied with KABA's Saflok Quantum RFID technology. Thanks to the Quantum RFID system, guest keycard and lock issues are significantly reduced. Kaba's RFID keys are reliable so guests rarely encounter issues with their keys. This is essential for guest satisfaction at a property our size that serves thousands of experienced business travelers. quotations

Barb Bowden
General manager, Peabody Orlando

quotations We selected Saflok RFID because its flexibility allows us to code-off specific rooms for tighter customized security. Saflok RFID keys are easy for guests to use and they always work. Also, the locks are sealed so they require less maintenance. Last year door lock problems were our number one guest complaint. After installing Saflok's MT RFID units, we have zero guest door issues. quotations

Kevin Buck
Assistant general manager, Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center

quotations We also recognized RFID's virtually limitless potential to integrate with 'smart room' technologies. We implemented KABA Saflok Messenger lock system because Kaba was able to put our locking system on a network that enables us to continually interact with rooms enhancing our guests' experience. quotations

John Lowes
Executive director of guest technology, MGM Resorts International

quotations We shopped the competition before we replaced our mag stripe locks with Saflok's RFID system.The other vendors were about equal in price. One reason that Saflok came out on top is the great job they've done supporting our original 20 year-old locks. Saflok never said that the locks were too old to maintain. quotations

Rick Creviston
Chief engineer, Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch

quotations Over the years SAFLOK™ has been an excellent partner with Marriott International.  Their focus on customer needs and service help make them one of the top lock companies servicing the hospitality industry. Additionally, SAFLOK has been an innovator in the field. One example of this is the development of the automatic dead-bolt lock, which helps to ensure guest safety for our hotels. quotations

Chad Callaghan
Vice-President, Enterprise Loss Prevention Marriott International, Inc.

quotations I like the looks of the adese lock as it is very sleek and elegant. Both the lock and the System 6000® operating system have been very easy to learn and to work with. I am happy that we no longer have any issues with guests not knowing how to operate the locks on the door. quotations

Michael Kilmer
General Manager, Radisson Hotel Newport Beach