Oracode Customers Speak

quotations I purchased the Oracode 460K deadbolt locks for all my rental properties in Siesta Key, Florida.The Oracode locks have made a huge difference in my peace of mind, ease of administration, and my clients cannot stop commenting about how they like that they do not need keys to access their condo.

It makes my job as an owner and a property manager much easier to process, especially with the integration of the Oracode module into my vacation management software which automatically generates keyless codes as enter a reservation... I am certainly happy that I found the Oracode product. quotations

Dan Morgan,
Owner of Morgan Florida Properties, LLC

quotations After many years of struggling with inherent mechanical failures and lack of security with hard key systems our company began to search for an electronic lock solution that would meet our needs. We initially researched a variety of manually programmed electronic locks that offered some benefits, but not all that we wished to offer. A local condominium owner that was pleased with his Oracode – Internet based lock suggested that we consider the same lock system for all of our nearly 400 units in the Park City area.

We now have two ski seasons under our belt with the KABA locks and have nothing but great things to say about their functionality, the improved guest experience and reduction in labor costs associated with ‘direct to unit’ guest check-in experience.

As we continue to expand and take on properties in new destinations we will most certainly look to include KABA locks for all of our electronic lock needs. quotations

Jim Simmons,
VP of Park City Operations, All Seasons Resort Lodging

quotations You will be most satisfied with the Kaba Oracode Lock System.   The lock itself provides the security and tracking of people entering the property, unlike any other product. It is the perfect tool to enhance security of our rental homes. Additionally, the lock allows for late check-ins over the phone. All you have to do, is contact the guest prior to their arrival, and give them their code. The guest can then conveniently check in the following morning.

Beachside Vacations highly recommends the Kaba Lodging System, Oracode. quotations

Gray Moore,
VP of Operations, Beachside Vacations, LLC

quotations I really do love the Oracode lock system; they have given me my life back. Since I am such a small property, of course I cannot have someone on site all the time waiting for someone to check-in, that person was me. Often times, planes are late or delayed for weather problems on the mainland and having the Oracode keyless system has allowed me the freedom to continue with life…and my guests seem to be just as pleased, they now walk on the beach, directly across the street, and never need to worry about a key…perfect! quotations

Sherry Withers,
Aloha Pualani Hotel Boutique

quotations Kaba locks offer our company a series of benefits that culminate into a differentiating advantage.  We love our Kaba locks! quotations

DeBordieu Rentals | Click here to learn more

quotations They like the fact that there are no keys and feel that it is much safer than having traditional keys that could easily be duplicated.The best part is you can obtain different codes for each person who can access the condo.  For example, I have one code for the person renting my condo, one for the cleaning person, one for me (the owner), one for management, etc.  I can even do an audit of the lock (with a Palm) and find out which code was used and what time it was used. quotations

Scott McCauley

quotations My rental guests can now leave the condo and go for a walk on the beach, or anywhere else, without worrying about losing the key while they're gone. Technical support has always been outstanding for any questions that might arise.  I would readily recommend the Kaba lock to anyone... quotations

James Jansen

quotations We have had three vacation rental properties on the Oracode system for about 2.5 years.  We rent each unit 40-50 times a year and are thrilled with the system - we were even able to rent our homes while we were on a cruise in the Greek Islands! quotations

Randy Reed | Click here to learn more

quotations I have been using it now for six months and I have found it to be a fantastic product that I would recommend to anyone that has a need for controlling entry and exit into a property... quotations

Richard J. Ragan

quotations My guests love the system, it’s ease of use (we suggest they input the code in their cell phone), the elimination of dealing with keys, the cost and pitfalls of mailing them, both for us and for our guests, once they have departed makes our operation fast, efficient, streamlined and it makes for happy customers who do not have to return keys for their deposit... quotations

Andres Trujillo