Oracode Passes the Tornado Test

Oracode Tornado Article Photo
Oracode Tornado Article Photo

Customer Testimonials:

Montreal - June 1th, 2007- The tornado that hit Las Villas, Florida in February 2007 punctured Jim Schiefer's door and ripped it off the hinges. Mr. Schiefer was impressed that his Kaba Oracode lock still functioned:
"Winds were estimated at 165 miles per hour. My door landed in the living room! To secure the house I nailed the door back on, and the lock still worked the way it did when I first installed it. Thanks, Kaba!"

Designed for durability, Oracode locks meet ANSI A156.25 requirements for dust, rain, humidity andsalt spray. Kaba quality control labs put Oracode locks through rigorous testing including outdoor operation from -31°F (-35°C) to 151°F (66°C), exposure to the elements, slam cycles, lever impact testing with a 22 lb hammer, and boltstrength tests. No electronics are exposed in the sealed units, allowing them to resist the harshest conditions.

For vacation rental properties, the durability and strength of Oracode is an added bonus to theconvenience of keyless access control. Oracode uses a time-sensitive code to allow renters togain entry. The property owner grants access by generating a valid code through Internet-basedsoftware, and then the code is automatically deactivated at the end of the renter's stay. With Oracode, there are no key or card pick-ups or drop-offs, no after-hours lockout hassles or lost key inconveniences. Codes can be issued over the phone, by fax or e-mail, simplifying the entire process for both owners and renters. Renters can arrive at their convenience and not worry about missing a cutoff time. Owners have peace of mind knowing that every code entry is recorded electronically and can be downloaded to show which code was used and when the lock was accessed for the last 1000 events. Durable, convenient, and secure, Oracode is the access control of choice for rental property owners.